Indian Classical Music Resources Online

Constructive criticism and suggestions are warmly welcomed.

A. Youtube accounts

  1. Subrata Chowdhury, primarily vocal music from different gharanas.
  2. Datta Gumaste, who goes by dattaji and Sangeetveda1 (priceless taleem)
  3. Raju Asokan, Hindustani+Carnatic.
  4. sabtak1000 and SamPak, fantastic collections by Pakistani artistes.
  5. Kansen Sangeet’s and Kiran Bamane’s recordings of live performances
  6. Suresh Mulgaonkar, tabla and taal-education focused+ local artistes
  7. tripmonk0‘s archive of traditional dance and instrumental music videos
  8. Ulhas Kashalkar’s official channel
  9. A.Deb, A.Samal, B.Mankad, D.Sen, E.Pinto, N.MaitraQ.Belal, RagaMelaSgc ICM
  10. classical bug, excellent collection of tabla lectures and performances

B. Blogs, databases and online radio

  1.  ITC-SRA’s database Raga Online
  2. SPIC MACAY’s event list and their blog
  3. Music in Motion and Dunya, both music visualization databases
  4. Oriental Traditional Music from LPs and casettes
  5.  Flat, Black and Classical
  7. Raja Pundalik’s blog
  8. Rajan Parrikar’s archive and articles
  9. The British Library’s Sounds database
  10. Ocean of Ragas
  11. Meera music’s online radio channel
  12. Music India Online, online radio
  13. All India Radio’s classical music channel, Raagam
  14. Sangeethapriya, Carnatic + Hindustani performances (e.g. 1, 2, 3)
  15. Anthems for the Nation of Luobaniya

C. Documentaries and lectures

  1. Growing into Sarangi
  2. Bhinna Shadja, a documentary about Kishori Amonkar
  3. Clip of a documentary about Hirabai Barodekar
  4. Interviews with Mallikarjun Mansoor, Bhimsen Joshi and Gajananrao Joshi
  5. Dhondutai Kulkarni’s lecture demonstration
  6. Shruti Sadolikar’s demonstration of haveli sangeet’s transformation into khayal
  7. Taal saundarya of Kathak (parts 1 and 3 of this are great too)
  8. Suresh Talwalkar and Yogesh Samsi (a, b –> in English!) explaining how to accompany khayal.
  9. Shruti Sadolikar interviews Azizuddin Khan, grandson of Alladiya Khan.
  10. Achyut Karve’s short lectures (1, 2) on Ahmedjaan Thirakwa’s bayan technique
  11. Warren Senders posts on practice.

D. Youtube playlists

LivePerformances Lectures+Documentaries+Interviews

Abhogi AlhaiyaBilawal Asavari

Bageshree BageshreeBahar BageshreeKanada Bahar Barwa BasantiKedar Bhairavi
Bhankar Bhatiyar Bhimpalashree Bhimpalasi Bibhas Bihag  Bihagda

Chandrakauns Chhayanat

DarbariKanada Des Deskar DesiTodi  Durga

Gara GaudMalhar GaudSarang GorakhKalyan

Hameer Hamsadhwani Hem Hindol

Jaijaivanti JaitKalyan Jaunpuri Jhinjhoti Jog Jogkauns

KafiKanada Kalavati Kamod KausiKanada Kedar Khambavati Khokhar KomalReAsavari

Lalit LalitaGauri LalitPancham

Malgunji Malkauns MaruBihag Marwa Megh MiyanMalhar MiyanKiSarang MiyanKiTodi

Nand NayakiKanada

Paraj Patmanjari Pilu Poorvi Puriya PuriyaDhanashree

Rageshree RamdasiMalhar Ramkali

SamantSarang SampoornaMalkauns Savani Shahana Shankara Shree ShuddhaKalyan
ShyamKalyan Sindhura Sohni SurMalhar

TilakKamod Yaman

F. Artiste’s websites

  1. Aditya Khandwe
  2. Apoorva Gokhale and Pallavi Joshi
  3. Gajananbuwa Joshi
  4. Manjiri Alegaonkar
  5. Manjiri Asnare Kelkar
  6. Priya Purushothaman
  7. Samarth Nagarkar
  8. Shahid Parvez Khan
  9. Shubha Mudgal
  10. Shubhada Paradkar
  11. Surakshya Deshpande
  12. Ulhas Kashalkar
  13. Warren Senders

This is a work in progress and a list that began for myself and for my friends but that I’m now moving online in the hope that more will benefit from it. If anyone that I have linked to here would like a reference to them removed or modified, please let me know.

7 thoughts on “Indian Classical Music Resources Online

  1. Excellent list. I would like to suggest: — although their primary interest is carnatic music, they offer many hindustani recordings. They also have an app for streaming. It’s quite cool to hear what is on AIR Chennai a few days ago, even if it’s mono, with lots of radio noise, and down sampled to 128kbps mp3!

    There are a half dozen youtube accounts publishing music that is stunning (your two choices above are two of my favorite, though!)

    Good luck on this. The key will be to keep it up to date, which won’t be easy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Many thanks Richard. I’ve added Sangeethapriya, which I agree is a wonderful resource. Yes, keeping it up to date will be challenging but I’ll give it my best shot! Your mention of AIR also made me realize I forgot to link to AIR’s Ragam, a new-ish classical music station.


  2. Hi! It just occurred to me that you are missing a dormant blog but which is still existing (in the sense that the links are being maintained) — Anthems of the Nation of Luoboniya. Lots of great music still there!

    Sitar living legend Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan’s website is not frequently updated but the website for his school in the US has plenty of current information:

    Finally, how could we not mention the website of a truly important organization attempting to ensure the future of the music? SPIC MACAY!




  3. I found the link to your list here via Oriental Traditional Music, and look forward to the great wealth of connections you have so generously compiled and share with those of like minds. I too would have recommended the Sangeethapriya site as a large and generous resource for non commercial recordings, though the quality is sometimes challenging to all but the most devoted listeners…I have not explored deeply yet your listings, but another good source that is not mainstream is I thank you for the great resource.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. in perusing I saw you had already listed the sarangi site so please ignore my suggestion….and you are likely familiar with (MusicIndiaOnline) which has a wide base of recordings…thanks again for your efforts..

    Liked by 1 person

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