Lalita Khadilkar, Aishwarya Rao

For reasons that I don’t want to touch upon in this post, a lot of excellent musicians remain unrecognized or accessible only to niche audiences. One such artiste who I wish had received more recognition is Lalita Khadilkar, a student of Laxmibai Jadhav’s who lives in Pune. I first chanced upon her Shankara when looking for the music of Laxmibai’s students, a resonant and shining piece that left me breathless. Shortly after, her husband Madhukar Khadilkar posted a number of her private recordings, both of khayal and natyageet.






Another artiste I’ve begun to adore is Aishwarya Rao. She’s a student of Shubhada Paradkar’s and I really hope that she begins to receive more performance opportunities at larger venues. Besides enjoying her singing and ideas, I love how expressive she is in this home recording of an offering in Gaud Malhar she made to her Guru on Guru Poornima in 2016, and the ease with which she navigates this Purva three years later on the same day.

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